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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Journey of Soul Making


Many things happen on a typical day. We are interacting with other people. We are trying to solve problems. We are bearers of good as well as bad news. This meditation would help you relive activities of daily life that are highly nurturing for your soul.


Close your eyes and breathe comfortably. In this exercise, you want to reflect on soul making: how our souls originate, how they go about selecting bodies for themselves as a temporary refuge, and where they go after death. These are questions that people have asked since the start of time. Many great prophets, messiahs, and saints have answered these questions in their own ways. There are similarities and differences in the answers they have given us. In this exercise, you will not attempt to answer these questions in any definite way (because that’s not our task) but to experience the possibilities of our being and our journey.

Start by ruling out what you feel is not true: we are not here on this planet by chance. Our life has a purpose, a meaning. Our soul is a divine substance. Our soul could not come into being without a divine purpose. Our soul’s journey starts when it chooses a body to incarnate itself. Our soul chooses any body to start with and it lives a life. Our soul accumulates good and bad effects of our actions for the first time. Our soul starts its long journey of self-realization -- returning to its original state of pristine purity -- carrying the burden of our karma through a process of life and death. Every birth is an opportunity for us to discover our true selves, to return ourselves to the divine substance. Our possibilities to redeem ourselves are endless:

Now, see yourself loving your parents and showing respect to the elders in your community and to your teachers and mentors for giving you the gifts of knowledge and wisdom.

See yourself doing charitable work, caring for the sick and hungry. See yourself leading an ideal life, free from untruths and corruptions of any kind.

See yourself participating in community work and caring for the natural environment.

See yourself raising a family and sharing you knowledge and experiences with your loved ones.

See yourself writing a journal of your daily activities, taking long walks, and reflecting on the mysteries of life and death.

See yourself taking care of your philosophic and reflective life.

All these activities that you have seen will nurture your soul and assist you in the task of “soul making.” Open your eyes when you are ready.


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