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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Sound


We listen to different kinds of sounds all the time. But most of the sounds are simply noises. They may be essential in making us navigate our daily chores but these noises, beyond a point, give us headache and stress. On the other hand, there is a sound that would give us peace of mind and a feeling of absolute bliss. The following meditation helps us in locating and experiencing that sound.


Close your eyes and breathe comfortably. Concentrate your energies in listening to the voice of your inner self. You want to listen to every small bit of sound. But when you try to listen there is no sound. There is total and complete silence. Relish this silence. What is the sound of this silence? What is the sound when there is no sound? Experience this silence as long as you can. And then let the silence be broken by a sacred word. The “word” is a sacred sound; a sound like no other. Listen to it and savor it. Is this the sound you have heard before? Was this “word” in the prayer that you said earlier in the day or days before? Is this the sound part of a mantra? Was this word in the song that you have sung? Let this sound slowly enter every pore of your body. Let this sound purify your thinking and transform your feelings. Let this sound give you the taste of a new life. Let this sound mark a new course for you. Let this sound show you a new Path. Open your eyes when you are ready.


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