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Friday, October 20, 2006

A Journey to the Past Life


This meditation provides us with an opportunity to think about our past life or lives. Have we lived another life at another time? How often do we think about this question? There is no answer to this question at the rational level. We ask the question and our mind goes blank in a second. For some people, it is difficult even to remember events of their childhood, let alone the events of their past life. Considering that we are not just an accident, and knowing that we have a soul that does not die when we die, it is almost certain that we have lived other lives. The only way we can have a subtle experience of one past life or several past lives is through using our intuitive mind. Our intuitive mind talks to us not only in words; it uses visuals—images blurring into other images. And there are feelings too—feelings that come and go leaving behind very subtle impressions.

The objective of this meditation is not to prove anything, but to give you an experience of a life you could have possibly lived. In order for you to prepare yourself for this meditation, you have to perfectly relax yourself and calm your critical or skeptical mind. You have to be open to new realities. Immerse yourself in this visual and kinesthetic experience. Please treat the outcome as a gift—a gift for your future contemplation.


With your eyes closed breathe deeply reaching all inner spaces that your breath has not reached before. Imagine it is early morning. The sun is about to rise. There is a glow in the east but it is still somewhat dark. You want to seek an answer to a question that has bothered you from time to time. Have I lived before? What was my life like? Did I have a family? Where are they now? You want to explore these questions. You try to visualize something. Several pictures appear and then disappear. These pictures are fuzzy images. Nothing is clear. You do not lose patience. You continue to see, continue to look, and continue to feel with an open mind—a mind that is open to all possibilities. There is one picture that appears several times in quick succession. It is the picture of a vast lake. The water is turbulent and it is raining heavily. You see a boat. The boat is being pushed around aimlessly by the rain and gushing winds. You decide to take the boat. Once you are comfortable inside, you start to row the boat slowly. The boat starts to move westward. It takes a life of its own. After some time, you reach what looks like a small beach. You leave the boat behind and start to walk on the beach. You see a house, a very old house. You decide to go inside the house. The roof has fallen in. No one seems to live here anymore. You enter the foyer. You hear voices of children playing by the beach. You don’t see anything, but just hear the voices. You feel that there is also one voice that is just like your own. You enter what could once be a family room. This room reminds you of your youth, growing up to be a responsible adult, and learning a craft. Then you enter what looks like a bedroom. This is the space it seems you shared with someone else, someone who was very dear to you. You are filled with love. You wish to touch that person but there is no one else here. You keep moving and enter a room that has a clear view of the lake. This is the space it seems you shared with several younger souls. You are their teacher and mentor. You enjoy playing with them. Finally, you enter a room that looks like a study. There are broken bookshelves but no books. It is the most sacred space in the whole house, a place for meditation and contemplation. You slowly move out of the house through the patio door. You are back on the beach. As you look around you find that the boat is gone. The sky has cleared up and that there is sunlight around you. The old house still stands there. You ask yourself: Is this the house where I had lived once? Maybe … Maybe not! Maybe the house where you lived is in the plains, away from the lake. Maybe it is in the hills, on the high mountains. Maybe it is on the edge of a big desert. Does it really matter? What matters is your inner feeling that there was no time when you didn’t exist. Where does this feeling come? It comes from that part of yourself that you call soul. Because soul never dies, it has the record of all its previous journeys. The answer to the question—Have I lived before? --is actually hidden in your soul. Spend the next several minutes in trying to connect with your soul. When you go deep inside your consciousness, you get closer to soul. And as we get closer to our soul we get answers to all questions that we ever asked.
Open your eyes when you are ready.